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What is Black Garlic?

Let’s learn about a superfood

Black Garlic is a food obtained from normal white garlic fermentation, at a certain temperature, pressure, and humidity, during 60 to 90 days. Fermentation process is totally natural, without using or adding any preservatives or chemical additives.

Black Garlic stands out

A superfood

It stands out by its great nutritional and medicinal properties for health, which are 10 times that of common garlic, without the strong odor (it loses almost 97% of its characteristic smell). Bad breath disappears. Black Garlic features an attractive sweet plum flavor, smoky smell, and can be perfectly conserved for approximately one year, without any kinds of preservative. You will be surprised the first time you try it, both raw and cooked.

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Breakfasts, meals, and snacks

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Breakfasts with Black Garlic
Toasts with black garlic and tomato
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Meals with Black Garlic
Squash soup with fried bread and black garlic
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Snack with Black Garlic
Toast with turkey and red bell pepper with black garlic


The company was born at the end of 2013, motivated by the increasing need of improving the life quality of family members, using natural food that, apart from nurturing us, would improve our health. Due to such concern and an exhaustive research, we learned about the group of foods known as ‘Superfoods,’ and, among them, ‘Black Garlic,’ which we decided to produce.